10 First Ever Photos of Cities Around the World

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You will be amazed after looking this video. If you don’t know how your city was looking like in 90s period, so watch this video. In this video, you will see about 10 cities. This is the first photo of these cities. old photos of city, New York 200 years ago, what did New York look like in the 1600’s, pictures of New York city in the 1600s, New York city 1800s pictures, show me old pictures of New York, old pictures of cities.

1. Old photo of Boston, Massachusetts (U.S.)
2. Old photo of Chicago, Illinois (U.S.)
3. Old photo of Houston, Texas (U.S.)
4. Old photo of Jerusalem
5. Old photo of Los Angeles, California (U.S.)
6. Old photo of New York, New York (U.S.)
7. Old photo of Paris, France
8. Old photo of San Francisco, California (U.S.)
9. Old photo of Sydney, Australia
10. Old photo of Toronto, Ontario (Canada)

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