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First talking video! With a little encouragement from some friends convinced to actually give this a shot no idea how this will go, but 19 facts at being 19. So I can look back in a few months or years even to see how life changes.
-bare with me took a little bit to get used to talking to the camera and getting more confident.
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/heatherstewarttt/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/_heatherstewart

My facts!
1) I’m 19 years old
2) Studying at Newcastle College
3) Hoping to do Interior Design at Uni
4) I do dancing, ballet, stage, tap and freestyle
5) Favourite youtuber is Miniminter!
6) Birthday is 24th September
7) Main camera Nikon D3300
8) Have a big love for camera’s and photography
9) I spend way too much money on getting photos printed off!
10) I live in Newcastle
11) Favourite tv show is friends:-)
12) Really enjoy going to gigs and concerts, probably going to make another video about this
13) I’m left handed
14) Barely seen any major films! (including Harry Potter I know!!)
15) Some examples of photo’s I really like!
16) Which Youtuber books I own
17) I love going out with my friends
18) I currently have 2 tattoo’s
19) Currently learning to drive

Hope you enjoyed it!xx

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