2017 INFINITI Q70 HEV – DVD Player (if so equipped)

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This system allows you to play video files via a DVD or CD from the front display.

To view movies on the front display, stop the vehicle in a safe location, move the shift lever to the PARK position and apply the parking brake.

Then press the POWER button on the audio system, press the DISC/AUX button on the instrument panel, turn the display to DVD mode, and insert a DVD into the CD slot. The player will automatically load the DVD.

Be sure that the label of the DVD faces up when loading. When a DVD is loaded, it will start to play automatically.

While a DVD is playing, press the DISC/ AUXILIARY button to display additional DVD options. Use the INFINITI controller to highlight an option on the screen, then press the ENTER button to select and adjust. The touch screen can also be used to select and adjust items.

Select the PAUSE key to pause play. Use the PLAY key to play a disc. Select the STOP key to stop the disc in play.
Use the SKIP keys to skip forward or backward through multiple chapters. Select the CM SKIP keys to fast-forward or rewind the DVD by the set amount defined in the DVD SETTINGS menu.

While a DVD is playing, touch the screen to activate the menu, then select TOP MENU and the top menu specific to each disc will play.

Select the SETTINGS key to access a menu of additional options and adjustments to DVD play.

Press the EJECT button on the audio system to eject the DVD from the player.

Please see your Owner’s Manual for important safety information, system limitations and additional operating information.

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