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African Great Civilization * * No Struggle, No Development Production! By KennySnod A Activist, Photographer, Videographer, and Author of * * 1) “From Victimization to Empowerment, The Challenge of African American Leadership, The Need of Real Power.” – EBook available at
2) “The World As I’ve seen it! My Greatest Experience!” photo Book, with more than 80 pages, and over 280 pictures. Special order only, contact me at,
3) My Books, My next book I’m working on is called “My Conversation with Mr. James Boggs” who was an Author, Activist, etc., and was my close friend. RIP James. By Kenneth Snodgrass
* Music by Israel Snodgrass, “Sending up My Praise” and, or MusicPaula McPherson No One Left Behind, or Della Tamin “Afro Salsa”, or Sun Rising This Morning in Detroit!
* A No Struggle, No Development Production.

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