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Atelier means a workshop or studio for artists and at Atelier A.F.A., we strive to be just that. If you have a creative vision, we will help you see it through to fruition. We offer it all from studio and flatbed scans, Giclée Fine Art reproductions and art cards, custom photo printing, photo restoration and retouching, premium digital prints, film processing and finishing, mounting, varnishing and canvas wraps and so much more. We give your project the personal attention and technical skills it deserves. Whether you’re an artist or photographer or just wanting to create something unique, our highly trained professional artists, photographers and master printers are here to help.

Stop by and see us today, we’re conveniently located at 234 South 200 East in Salt Lake City.

Call us at 801-359-7703 or 801-534-0965.

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