Blackpool Tram DVD 78 – Spring 2015 by Train Crazy – tram video

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PLEASE NOTE: The quality of this video is not that of the DVD or Blu Ray, the video is compressed by YouTube.

Winter 2014/2015: News from the Blackpool Tramway from winter 2014/2015 with lots of enthusiast tours and private hires for the Heritage fleet. Coronation 304 and Balloon 701 run at Christmas with the Western Train on a Santa Special and Balloon 717 and Fleetwood 40. Next was an epic outing for Twin set 272+T2 which included a journey around the entire loop at Starr Gate, via the depot complex! Footage from this tour also includes a driver’s eye view in T2 from Heathfield Road to Fleetwood Ferry. Driver training is featured with cars 40, 272+T2, 648 and 700 plus 700 and 719 on February specials and a typical winter’s day for the Flexity trams filmed in Fleetwood. (57 minutes)
Preservation: A look at Twin motor 671 which has returned to Rigby Road depot and footage of 671+681 in their final days of service. (10 minutes)

Nostalgia: Unavailable for 12 years and now on DVD for the very first time: Blackpool Tram Video Magazine No.1 – the original version, uncut and exactly how it was released 20 years ago, back in May 1995, with tramway news and features from 1994 and 1995. (61 minutes)

Click here for details of TRAMS Magazine 68 – Spring 2015.
Produced by – Train Crazy
Running time – 128 Minutes
Format: 16:9
DVD only
Released – March 2014

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