Bombono Video-DVD Authoring for Linux

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Bombono is a great assistant when you need to burn your videos on a Video DVD. A Video DVD isn’t a data-DVD, take care. It requires very specific settings to get this right. Google exposes about 20 million questions (!) on how to do that. Here is the answer, at least for Linux. This short demo runs through the process. It shows how to select a movie, add subtitles to the movie, adding a background picture as well as a menu with submenu for the Video-DVD. Then burn things successfully without further hassle. The programs mentioned mostly are in the Linux distro repositories. I work with Ubuntu and Linux Mint. The video is made with the fine OpenShot Video Editor. Openshot allows export of your movie in its preset (!) DVD format. Bombono can (a.o. formats) burn this directly to disk with DVD menu, adding optional Subtitle-Editor subtitles and your colourful background pictures.

Subtitle Editor:
Openshot Video Editor:

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