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This video is brought to you by a donation from Steve Walker for his book called escaping the plantation. This is the third book he’s had me review thus far so thank you for your patronage and here’s what Steve briefly has to say: “Hello Sandman, You are the only person I know that I can trust to give an objective review. This book deals directly with the issues that MGTOW addresses and no doubt will help recruit more members. Of course I plan to advertise it on the MGTOW website, along with my two previous books. It is only 150 pages and I’m sure you will enjoy the book.” Well thanks again Steve for your donation as well as your topic. As well as sending me your book to read and review. Unlike your last two books that you sent me to cover this one appears to be more of a thought experiment than anything else. The first half of this book covers the topics up hypergamy and the female desire to become more masculine in fictitious ways the connect to your hometown love Long Beach California. I had the Good Fortune of visiting this place very briefly for a few hours while I was traveling in the month of May. So now let me get on with the review. The first chapter in this book starts off discussing a situation between the Walker and Bellagamba families in your hometown. I have no way to know if this is a fictitious or true story but it certainly is amusing it teaches us a lesson about female nature. It centers around Mary her husband and their family of seven children living in poverty because the Catholic Church told them to be fruitful and multiply. It kind of reminds me of The Wonder Years television show except with more children and they are in poverty. We quickly learn that Mary is expecting to inherit a fortune from her father one day when he dies. Mary’s husband is an idiot and he has many harebrained schemes to make money and they all fail.They were so poor that she was feeding her daughter frogs. And the daughter was complaining about frog guts in her food. Mary clearly isn’t happy and she has to fight her urges and disturbing your earnings for Father Ryan the local Catholic priest. Her husband Henry says that “Catholic priests need a PhD in theology, so if they can’t dazzle their congregation with brilliance, they can blind them with bullshit. PhD stands for pile it higher and deeper.”and I couldn’t help but think that this was Mary’s hypergamy Kickin It but she was suppressing that desire. In this chapter Steve you said that and I quote “” Mary loved her father but he had a long and prosperous life and she didn’t want him to suffer needlessly.” Steve are you aware that women do not love men the way that we love them?I feel that this very important thing to share with everyone. So as the story continues and after Mary’s father dies in typical female fashion she spends thousands of dollars including ,000 on a casket as well as fancy burial plot for her father.

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1. R_Tavani – goldfish jumping away from city for go to tropical beach

2. studiostoks – Freedom arms breaking the chains of slavery pop art retro style. Human rights. The struggle for freedom. Prisoner breaks the chain

3. Sergey Nivens – Image of businessman running away from office work

4. Jr Casas – Sad and happy businesspeople playing puppets.One puppet is sadother is angry.

5. Ingka D. Jiw – Businessman escape from the shipwreck VECTOR EPS10

6. ianakauri – The Man is the debtor and must pay the loan. Hand-drawn illustration.

7. Ocus Focus – Happy crazy business man rolling downhill on chair with computer and tablet

8. LiaKoltyrina – Young man in a black suit got caught in the web.

9. Khakimullin – puppeteer holds the puppet business man on the ropes

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