Gregory Isaacs – ‘Kingston 14′ from Made In Jamaica reggae documentary, DVD out now

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Network Releasing is delighted to announce the DVD and soundtrack releases of Made in Jamaica (15), film and music with compelling insights into reggae and dancehall, widely acknowledged as Jamaicas blues.

Described by film director Wim Wenders as A true masterpiece…The ultimate reference about reggae. A pure gem, Jérôme Laperrousazs documentary film MADE IN JAMAICA is the story of how a small island nation of only three million people took their pain and misery and turned those emotions into songs that resonate around the world. Artists young and old including Gregory Isaacs, Toots Frederick, Bunny Wailer, Elephant Man, Bounty Killer, Third World, Tanya Stephens and Capleton throw light upon the islands unique culture with performances from participating artists.

Reggae music sprang into life in the 70s, it was the first time that a third world country had made its voice heard on such a large scale. The dancehall music movement, emerging from reggae, is drawing large crowds across the globe. At its origin, the dancehall concept is heavily influenced by religious overtones. Like rap music, dancehalls message is powerful and straightforward, with lyrics about sex, violence, and social issues.

The film starts with the murder of one of dancehalls leading stars, Bogle, which kicks off this raw, passionate and compelling documentary on the history and evolution of the reggae and dancehall music scene in Jamaica. This film is a must-see documentary for anyone interested in Jamaica’s rich ands vibrant music scene.

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