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At home, Alexis’s mom talks with her child while drawing a special picture for him.

Questions and reflections:
• How would you describe the interaction between this mother and child?
• How does this activity support Alexis in developing concepts about print and alphabetic knowledge?
• With teacher support, what home activities can parents and families generate and welcome?
• As a teacher, which of the following activities can you introduce to the parents and families as homework ideas; and how can you support these activities:
o Playing board games
o Reading and sharing books or rhymes
o Planting a garden
o Helping the child write a letter to a relative or friend
o Creating a family photo album or an art project
o Preparing dinner with their child
o Singing songs on the way to or from school
o Playing ball games or jumping rope outdoors
o Going on a treasure hunt indoors or outdoors – looking for real or stuffed animals, shapes, colors, traffic signs, flowers?

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