How to Hear God Talk to You! | Jesse Duplantis on Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural!

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On this week’s episode of Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural! 2018: Jesse Duplantis asks, “How would you like to be sitting in your room, and have Jesus walk up and answer every question you have?” What works for Jesse is also for you!

Adam lost it. Jesus got it back. Jesse Duplantis says never settle for less.
Forget distant. God wants to have a relationship with you like no other!

Wanting A God You Can Talk To (Book) is an inside look at Jesse Duplantis’ often humorous accounts from his personal relationship with God. God is not distant. More than likely, He is in your face. Jesse helps you learn to know God’s voice and also what to do when God speaks.

The Big 12. (Book) Whether you are pursuing a dream, want to go further in your vision, or just have a practical life-goal that you want to see met, The Big 12 will inspire you to be bold, go for what God has put on your heart with confidence, and achieve the success you want in your life.

Jesse Duplantis LIVE. (DVD) The recent live event with Jesse Duplantis and Kevin Zadai on It’s Supernatural! was electric! The Spirit was moving and you won’t want to miss it!

Jesse Duplantis is a well known author and evangelist focused on reaching the lost as well as strengthening believers in their daily walk with Jesus.

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