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“his humor is wry, partisan, and caustically combative. The satirical eye behind the comic strip Doonesbury, Garry Trudeau is America’s most mirthful, cutting chronicler of these times.”-esquireone of the cogitative and comical story lines in Trudeau’s collection, “in Search of Cigarette Holder Man,” revolves around Duke’s 1960s plot to doctor an evidence photo of the Kennedy assassination for cash. He thought he’d finished milking the hoax years earlier, but his able assistant and willing love slave, Honey Huan, uncovers a group of determined conspiracy theorists on the Internet who are hot on the trail anew. As narrator, Mark wraps up the series: “so which version took place on Earth? You be the judge. See you at the 35th!”certainly no one can put a fun-pokingand funnyspin on issues better than Garry Trudeau. He features colleges passing out A’s as a way to build self-esteem, cuff-link and helicopter ride payoffs after Nafta’s passage, cybersurfing political issues with a homeless couple, and over-zealous product plugs in the movies. Truly, no topic is spared from Trudeau’s biting wit.throughout this collection, “in Search of Cigarette Holder Man,” the artist’s incisive views on events continue to provide entertainment in its highestand sharpestform. From the backwaters of Whitewater to brush fires of the rich and famous, Trudeau’s eagle eye captures them all. Everyone will find something in this talented pundit’s take on American life.

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